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​Born on the banks of the mighty Indus river, Hala is one of the leading historical, literary and spiritually renowned cities of Southwest Asia. 60 km north of Hyderabad in Sindh, it is home to ancient artisanal “Kashi” (traditional Sindhi pottery) and “Ajraks” (traditional Sindhi fabrics from which our face masks are made).

The word “Hala” literally translates to “aura of light around the moon” and although much of the city has developed more modern infrastructure, there still remains a vast population that lives in traditional huts made from earth, cooled by the winds and illuminated by moonlight. 

“Kashigar” in Sindhi translates to “Artisans” and one of our main goals is to help these tireless workers who live on barely $2 a day to elevate themselves, their families and their community.  While the artisans involved in the production of our products are compensated generously for their own work, a further portion of all earnings from the sale of our products goes directly to the families in and around our ancient city so that they may live in dignity and have the opportunity to prosper. Our goal is to one day provide better access to education, healthcare and financial opportunities in our city so that our people can sustain themselves and thrive as they once did four thousand years ago at the birth of civilisation itself.

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