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We are a passionate group deeply inspired by the rich culture and heritage  of our ancestral roots originating in Hala, Sindh, and our goal is to preserve the dying arts of the local pottery, woodwork and textile industry by elevating the value of our artists and the century old craft preserved over generations through greater income, education and sustainable development.


By combining our skill set of art, business, and extensive historical roots within the region, we hope to provide a unique service of quality handmade and hand embroidered artwork applicable in everyday life to the global market which in return benefits the hardworking and talented men and women of rural Sindh.

Recently the vulnerability of our communities due to the effects of Covid-19 has become abundantly clear and so we have launched an International campaign to help sustain these artisans by introducing their art to the world in the form of face masks, cushion covers and other home decoration items, pottery and other handicrafts.  

The vast majority of our earnings from sales of these items go towards families from our village. 

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